Sunday, 17 April 2016

Day 1: April 16 2016

So I have put it out "there" on my personal Facebook how I need to get real with all this food in my house. I have a fridge, a freezer and a pantry full of things to eat and if I don't get onto a solid cook and chowdown, it's just going to go off. I spent money and time getting it there... time to make it work for me. So. I am going to attempt to not buy groceries except for the absolute bare minimum essentials that will crop up from time to time. I will endeavour to cook, create, and eat my way out of the foodstuff clutter I've gotten myself into. Heaven knows, but my finances could use some easing up so this should help. If I can limit the grocery spend to under $10 for essentials no more than once or twice a week tops, that would be a great outcome. Day 1 and I've had an eggs and cheese toasted sandwich for breakfast. I have an Asian Salad kit I'm going to go for, for lunch and tonight, is yet more rice and left-over Chow Mein I made in the pressure cooker the other night. I've already put some of it in the freezer, but I'm thinking that another batch may have to go in there. I've eaten 4 servings of chow mein since Wednesday, so that's it for that one for now.

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