Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Day 10

Excuse me while I rail against the vicissitudes of all things gastronomic.

I am gaining too much weight again.  Way too quickly.

My spending on groceries has been culled to a very dull roar each week.  Even though I'm only 10 days in, I've spent less than $25 in two weeks on actual groceries.  There have been a couple of take out and restaurant/cafe meals in this past fortnight though too.  I'm not counting those as "groceries."

But my girth is not thanking me for my frenetic purge of the FFP (Fridge, Freezer, Pantry).  I am missing fresh food something fierce!  I crave salad ingredients, like tomatoes and greens.  So... this is telling me, I need to slow down a bit.  Yes! I still need to purge and declutter my FFP without re-stocking at the mad family rates I used to.  I still need to get it all under control.  It's important to me to get to a point where each component is a tool, rather than a catch-all for "stuff" These three things need to be actively assisting me to lose weight in a sustainable and healthy way; and creatively, at that!   I need to get back to really basic real food eating.  My mantra of late has been

"Eat food: not too much, mostly plants" (Michael Pollan

It means real food, with complex nutrient chains and nothing really very artificial.  Stuff that grows from the ground or lives from stuff from the ground!  That's pretty much the kind of diet I grew up with, meat n' 3x vege!  Simple, basic, nutritional.  No artifice.  No panic about fats or sugar.  Just real food.

I guess this doesn't mean making stuff like this, just to use up "stuff"?  (Although I quite likely will, but will have to give this sort of stuff away at work or something where other people can help me eat it).

Okay, so now I need to readjust my vision for this journey.  It is likely going to take me quite a bit longer than I wanted to get the FFP under control.  It may be that I will have to get a whole lot better at meal planning and identifying what can be used in any given menu.

Example:  My arancini turned out okay (if a bit bland, which was a shock as I thought I had spiced & seasoned them up pretty well) but I still have two left in the fridge and I just can't freeze them.  I will have one for dinner tonight but the other one?  It's a bit long in the tooth (too old) now, so I am thinking I may have to actually throw it away after all.  This sort of thing bums me out so much.  I really want to avoid *wasting* food.

I think I need a worm farm!  Even so, because that last arancini has meat in it, it may need to go in the actual rubbish instead.  Poo bum. Not Happy Jan!

So this also tells me, that I need to select recipes with care.  Four servings is probably more than enough of any given recipe.  Making recipes that feed more people than that adds considerable resource/cost ratio for freezer and/or landfill for one person.  Not sustainable at all! The idea is that I don't want to be constantly adding to my freezer just because I have too much and cook too often.  

It's all turning into a right old Goldilocks problem.  How to get the ratio just right at any point in the FFP triangle, so that it doesn't overwhelm my culinary and gastronomic interests or ability to keep control - of the money, the girth and the food clutter?

Goodness! This is so much more complicated than I ever realised.   I am going to go get some salad vege for dinner.  The last TWO arancini may wind up as landfill at this point.  Let me muse on the tragedy of that.

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