Sunday, 17 April 2016

Day 2 continued

*Wails loudly*

I don't have any Triple Choc Mudcake Icecream left!


Really dangerous stuff but even so... delicious in the extreme.  It's the one from Aldi Supermarkets - brand Monarc "Indulge" and indulge I certainly did!  Straight out of the box.  Something I would have seriously frowned upon if it had been my kids back in the day...but now that I'm on my own, it's saving water by not needing a bowl to wash.

I don't actually need it but seriously, if I find this puppy on "sale" anytime soon, it's going to take an extreme amount of willpower not to include it in the needs-only shopping list.

I will just have to make something sweetie to assuage the ice cream dream.

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