Monday, 18 April 2016

Day 3 April 18 2016

So I *still* haven't frozen down that left over Chow Mein and today is it.  Have to to freeze it or eat it.  There's too much for one sitting, so freeze it will have to be or it has to be tossed and that's RIDICULOUSLY WASTEFUL!

My Veggie stock, I so diligently made yesterday, turned out crap.  I think it spent too long in the slow cooker.  Plus, the whole no salt thing sucks. Really needed some Herbamare from the start!  I turned the stock into potato and leek soup  [pictured] and added a piece of chilli I have in the fridge.  It's not too bad now, but really spicey!  Will take some getting through that too, there's over a litre of the stuff.

All those veggies will be doing their thang, so all good.  :)

And how good are Grocery Clearance Stores?  I went to our local NQR after work and managed to only buy tucker for the cat and some body butter for me!  Seriously!  It was a rocking AUD$24 all up.  More to the point, even though I went through the big giant cool room sussing out the cheeses, yogurts and dairy deliciousness...and saw great huge giant slabs of garlic and chives or almond fruit cheeses...I didn't buy any!  Go me!

Tonight's fare will be a bowl of soup and I think I will make a toasted sandwich with some of the chow mein.

I desperately need to use up some Mount Zero Black Olives too.  I have done this thing for awhile now, where when I open a jar of something, I write the opening date on the label with a Sharpie pen.  Then I write the number of days it must be used within in a circle underneath that.  So my jar of beautiful locally-grown black olives were opened on the 26/3 and need to be used within 30 days.  That window draws near!  Black olives will need to be eaten this week.   I am planning on making a focaccia so this could be the perfect opportunity to use up some of my vine-grown tomatoes and the olives I reckon.  I think I'll go get some yeast out of the fridge to warm to room temperature in preparation!

I used up all my white SR flour making some cheese scones yesterday too.  I have plenty of wholemeal SR and some plain.  Quite frankly, I need to get over the concept of buying SR flour as it is very easily made by sifting plain flour a few times over with baking powder and bi-carb soda.  It should be a no-brainer but of course, I have gotten sucked in by the convenience of it.  I will try to start a practice of just purchasing plain flour and sifting it to SR as I need it.

Munch on!  (I had a thought yesterday, that I probably should have named this blog "The Very Hungry Caterpillar's Overstuffed Pantry"  but honestly, the fact that no one has yet used the word "Frugrrl" in anything online (they must have, surely?)...I have soldiered on. :D

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