Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Day 5

Yesterday wasn't one of those eat-at-home days.  Well, I sort of did in that I ate some of the BBQ chicken in my fridge for lunch.  I went to the movies after work (Saw Allegiant and it was very good!), so had some dim sims and fried rice on the run.

Today after work, I had an Engineer come and inspect the cracking and dropped floor in my kitchen.  Turns out it's too dry in my part of the world and the big old gum tree in the back yard may have to go.  I knew it would be a potential liability so I don't really think I'll be overly sorry to see it go other than it's been cute to watch some of the birds take nest in it occasionally.  But gums are a hazard in towns.  They drop their limbs willynilly and they're gigantic water sinks so this one has been pulling all the water away from my foundations making everything settle rather unevenly.  It's going to be expensive to fix.

So when a girl is down, a girl makes quiche.

I had that leftover BBQ chicken which needed using stat.  I also have some mozarella cheese and some not-quite-as-fresh-anymore farm eggs that I figured best be used pretty soon too.  I had cream fast going out of code as well as some capsicums.  

I make my own shortcrust pastry these days because FOOD PROCESSOR (Seriously? If you don't have one of these puppies...get one!  Worth every single dollar spent.  While the Engineer beeped his red dot thingy around my house, I made the pastry.  When he left, I mixed all the ingredients together and after blind baking the pastry shell for a few minutes, put it all in then into the moderate oven for just on 35 minutes.  It's a pretty big quiche! That's it in the image up there at the top!

I had some for dinner.  It's actually a bit bland even though I added some fresh garlic.  I think that's the mozarella cheese doing that.  I probably should have added some cumin and coriander to punch up the flavours.  It's still very edible though and will grace my freezer once cold in nice meal-sized portions.

The second quiche is smaller.  I made this into one of my favourites, which is a caramelised red onion, bacon and camembert quiche.  I added fresh spinach leaves at the bottom of the mixture with this one.

 There is a handful of fried bacon bits left over and I am considering having those with a baked potato tomorrow evening to use up the rest of the mozarella and also the Tzatziki dip I made to use up my cucumber, fresh dill and greek yoghurt.

My fridge is sort of bare.  I still have some soup left from the other day and I will need to freeze that down in portions tonight.  Once I get to the point where there's really not a lot I can make from what's in my fridge, I'll start defrosting and using things from my freezer.

Desperately missing ice cream though.  I wish I had some now.  Methinks it will have to be a hot chocolate and some marshmallows instead.  I *did* have a Sweet Sherry nip earlier, which was very nice I must say.  Might do that a little more often as an apertif.  I should use some of it in a boiled fruitcake!!!  Hmmmm, now there's an idea.  I have dried cranberries and sultanas and even fruit and nut mix and some brandy so that could actually be a good idea for the weekend.  I'm not sure if I still have a pudding bowl anymore, though?  I can't remember where it is if I do have one.

So even though I feel really bummed about my cranky house playing "Let's play slide towards the tree!", one can't lose too much sleep because one is still clean, dry and very well fed, even though it's been almost 8 days since I bought groceries!

You gotta love that.

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