Saturday, 23 April 2016

Day 8 23rd April 2016

Well! I finally had to succumb to a grocery shop yesterday.  Admittedly, it was for toiletries and some items for my Mum but I bought cream, extra cream cheese (my workmate already bought me some specifically to use in that ANZAC Cheesecake recipe), vanilla essence (the good quality stuff), some eggs.

The eggs were *really* expensive.   BUT... and it's a big but, I don't actually mind this time.  I downloaded the Choice Australia's CluckAR app, which helps consumers find eggs that are from genuinely free-range chook farms.  The best ratio is 1500 chooks per hectare, but lots of supermarkets promote free-range on farms that squish way over 10,000 chooks per hectare!  Hardly a happy Henrietta farm there, right?  There's a fair bit of dodgy economic sleight-of-hand going on in the supermarket industry so apps like CluckAR will give consumers information to make the right choices.  The pic I took below, is of my app in action :)   These eggs got a 7sqm per hen (see the row of numbers at the bottom of the pic?) and a "Happy Henrietta" thumbs up. $6.30 for a dozen in Coles.

I realise paying premium for eggs for those on limited incomes is like asking the poor to "just eat cake" but if you're cutting your grocery collecting way down, spending only on what you actually need - as opposed to filling the trolley with "stuff" you "might want or need someday" - the costs will be mitigated significantly.  Am I right?  I am right.  *nods emphatically*

So anyway, I bought some  "Down on the Farm" brand free-range eggs from Coles at premium and couldn't be happier about it.  I am forthwith a super free-range egg snob.  Booyah!

I also bought some fresh ginger because my throat was feeling really quite scratchy and because most of my workplace are all suffering the dreaded change-of-season lurgy lately, I am a bit paranoid.  I have heaps of honey and lemons and some garlic and now ginger, so I'm going to make a "brew" for sipping to ward off the evil demon cold.  Consider the ginger medicinal!

All up the food component of my shopping jaunt was $20.31.  Everything was pretty up there price-wise but I'm still happy that I only bought what I genuinely thought I needed (well...the ginger is a stretch, but medicinal, remember?).  Incidentally, has anyone else noticed how natural vanilla essence is becoming akin to buying good saffron, these days?  My gosh that stuff has gone up in price lately.  I refuse to use the imitation stuff though, might as well pour neat ethanol into cakes for what that's worth.  I might look at making my own vanilla essence but the vanilla beans are just as expensive so may not be worth the hassle... then again....

In other Frugrrl news, I gave away one of my quiches from last week to my Dad to eat.  I had to explain it as an "Egg & Bacon Pie" because "Quiche" wasn't in his Farmer-Dude-Without-A-Cooking-Clue vocabulary.  I'm not sure how it went over, but will find out over the weekend.  I have frozen down a piece of the other quiche as I can't face anymore of it.  A week of quiche for lunch has been convenient but wearing on the soul after 4 days!

Speaking of freezer.  Mine is FULL!  I have been so diligent in freezing down the left-overs of my fridge purge that I literally can't fit much else in!  I am going to re-pack it this weekend and get a feel for what needs using stat.  I will need to start planning to eat out of it very soon.  I do know, I shall not want for bread for quite some time (that focaccia I made last weekend, split into at least 10 serves! Phew!).

I still have things in the fridge which need using.  I have a bottle of fish sauce going begging and some capsicums asking for some cooking love.  Perhaps I need to "invent" something a little bit Asian'ish to use the capsicums, onions, fish sauce and all the lemons I seem to have acquired recently.

OH... and I scored a big bag of apples from the work fridge so am thinking of making an apple pie!

I have a lot to do this weekend.  Apart from the cooking and a freezer audit, I need to get cracking on some assignments for uni studies.  Thank goodness it's a Long Weekend in Australia.

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