Saturday, 21 May 2016

Day 36

So yes.

I avoided blogging this past couple of weeks, because after my off-hand remarks last time about take-aways not be necessary... I succumbed and have eaten PLENTY of take-away food this past couple of weeks.

Honestly!  I have been hit with the stupidity brush.  I apologise.

Where am I at now with reduction plans.

Not great.  It's getting weird - and hard now - to find good options.  I think the living off starchy, flour-based foods hasn't been doing my health all that well, either.  In fact, just last week, I went to Coles for the first time in ages, and bought a good variety of veggies etc.  It cost me $78.44 AUD.  A ghastly and reprehensible amount for fresh food but seeing as others grow it and need a living, I shall have to wear it.  Eating properly isn't cheap.  No wonder people go for the processed stuff, really.

My pantry is still pretty full of stuff.  My fridge is also well-stocked, considering.

Freezer is slowly being whittled...only to have left-overs added back forthwith from a cook up.

I made some Italian Meatballs last week and two containers (with at least two serves in each), have gone into the freezer.

This game is like playing a pin-ball machine.  I keep wondering if there is ONE thing, that once used up, will make everything else null and void.  I reckon it's eggs, because I ran out and well...hence hitching a ride on the Takeaways van.  I couldn't think of things to cook that I had in my pantry/fridge  but which didn't involve using eggs.  It was pretty sad.

So here I am.  Wondering if I will ever get my pantry, fridge and freezer down to scant emptiness only to find myself in this collect, cook, containerize loop of never-ending foodstuffs.  Supplemented, no less, by my extravagant spend-thriffery on junk food.

I did make some lovely Vienna White loaf bread last week.  Turned out a treat and I only finished the loaf yesterday.  I might try that again this weekend!  I know I shouldn't because waistline... but Bread and I are homies from way back.  Better the friend you know...

I can't link to the above recipes btw, because they're from my cookbooks.  I should probably cite them... but it's time for lunch.

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